National Unified Education Corporation, CUN. Ibagué Department, Colombia

In this department we have 130 computers, Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r1 is installed on 110 of those computers, accounting for the necessities of the department.

The primary reason to choose Debian was the amount of packages it has, which cover most of the necessities of the technical jobs in our department. We use software like KDE, Kylix Open Edition, TCL, Anjuta, Glade, Python, Java, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba and PHP. Also Mozilla, GAIM, GnomeMeeting,, AbiWord, LyX, Scribus, Gnumeric and GnuCash.

At a national level, our institution provides education to all the layers of the society, and that's why we support the free software projects that permit us to invest in equipment, infrastructure, research, etc., instead of wasting money in expensive licenses of proprietary software.