Doshisha University, Japan

At ISDL, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, research is based around Grid and cluster computing. We use Debian GNU/Linux sarge running on our Beowulf clusters. In our clusters, the Galley cluster takes part in Asia Pacific Grid (ApGrid), which is a Japanese Grid test bed. The Xenia cluster, which consists of 64 nodes and 128 CPUs (Xeon 2.4GHz), is used for the simulations of numerical analysis and optimization. The SuperNOVA cluster, which consists of 256 nodes and 512 CPUs (Opteron 1.8GHz), was constructed by using Turbolinux (since at the time of creation there was no Debian amd64 port), but the plan is to reinstall Debian GNU/Linux.

We develop a PC cluster management tool called Dynamic Cluster Auto Setup Tool (DCAST). The DCAST supports the construction of PC clusters based on Debian GNU/Linux. See the following URLs for references.