ESIEE Engineering School, Paris, France

ESIEE Paris incorporates 2 centres for higher education, founded and run by the CCIP as part of its educational commitments. They provide high-level courses for engineers planning careers in information or communication science and technology, and for executives wishing to pursue management positions in top-end high-tech companies. ESIEE Paris opens the door to a variety of professional careers in the fields of computer science, electronics, telecommunications and embedded systems.

ESIEE has been introducing Linux for the past few years in its IT infrastructure, on several levels. Historically, the main reason was the migration from HP/UX workstation used for application-specific tasks — such as electronic design tools and mathematics software — to standardized PCs running Linux. But ESIEE Paris is still using Debian on Workstations and servers. More than 500 workstations are working under Debian as a dual-boot system on the students-accessible computers. Many of computer-aided design softwares are running under Debian. On the other hand, ESIEE Paris uses Debian on about 20 servers to provide different IT services for the school such as LDAP, Samba, web servers (Apache and Tomcat), databases, etc.

Debian was chosen for its ease of administration and installation through the use of packages and FAI, allowing installation of labs of 12 computers within 20 minutes. Stability, scalability, existence of many packages and easy administration are the principal reasons of our choice and why we continue to trust Debian.