INSIA, France

We chose to run Debian for many reasons. First, I'm both Debian developer and system administrator of the campus, so using Debian was quite a natural step. Then, we needed a secure, stable, and easy to maintain Linux distribution for our 10 servers. The underlying security infrastructure was clearly a good point for Debian.

Finally, we chose Debian because of its relying philosophy and policies. These are two important points in an educational environment. Our students are to become engineers, and using Debian on an everyday basis will hopefully help us to counter some of the most common clich├ęs about free software, first at school, then at work. Using Debian at INSIA is not just a matter of choosing an Operating System or a Linux Distribution. It's also a means to bring people to change their mind about free software and software development in general.

The INSIA has about 300 students this year (i.e. on September, 2002). We have 150 brand new Intel-based workstations, running Debian/stable + some self-packaged pieces of software such as XFree86, which we need because i845 video chipset are not supported in XF4.1. We also have 10 servers running various services, such as Apache web server, Postfix mail server, etc...