CIPSGA - Comite de Incentivo a Produção do Software GNU e Alternativo, Brazil

CIPSGA is a non-governmental (non-profit) organization which works interfacing the statal companies (be them federal, statal or municipal) with the GNU community. During its first three years of existence, we have given tens of speeches, and supported the use of GNU software inside these businesses. Thanks to our work, we expect to have more than 25 thousand machines running Debian GNU/Linux in the next 12 months (servers and workstations.)

Besides that, CIPSGA has placed 2 of the 8 Brazilian Debian Developers, which now work in statal companies supporting Debian GNU/Linux. We created a customization of Debian Woody meant to be used in schools, unions and other organizations. It consists of an application server with a semi-automated install procedure which requires only 4 simple steps to complete. We are creating a Debian-friendly scenario in Brazil, which is very likely to spread all over the country, in schools and in Telecenters that are being created to aid in the democratization of Internet access.