Infocafe Der Winkel, Belziger Forum e.V. (registered voluntary association), Bad Belzig, Brandenburg, Germany

Information center for tolerance and against right-wing extremism and violence

The Belziger Forum e.V. has operated the info cafe "Der Winkel" since 1998 as a meeting point for different ethnic communities. The facilities include two to five PCs (depending on demand and available resources), that can be used to connect to the Internet or for other purposes (games, videos).

In additional to their own Internet presence the association is currently creating a homepage about a former concentration camp ( We have a notebook with Debian and Windows for creating the homepage (the scanner is not working with the current Debian stable, that's why the Windows).

We use the Debian stable release. Installed software: Apache2, Chromium browser, Epiphany, gedit, gthumb, Iceweasel, Inkscape, Marble, MYSQL,, OpenSSH server, PHP, Rhythmbox, VideoLAN, XScreenSaver, VirtualBox.

Why Debian?