Debian に関するニュース: Debian の新安定版リリース

1998 年 8 月 13 日

Larry Ayers が、Debian GNU/Linux の 2.0 Hamm リリースに関する記事を Linux Gazette に書きました。 をご覧ください。

A New Stable Release of Debian
by Larry Ayers

In 1993 Ian Murdock created the Debian Linux distribution, initially under the auspices of the Free Software Foundation's GNU project. Although the direct connection with FSF/GNU is a thing of the past, Debian is still the only major distribution which is not connected with a commercial entity and which is maintained solely by a loosely-knit band of volunteers. The parallels with Linux itself make this distribution appealing to Linux users who value the ideals of the free-software world, including those who may disagree with the purist views of the FSF.