Debian 每週快訊 - 2006 Index

這裡是西元 2006 年發行的 Debian 每週 Debian 社群快訊。

2006/12/26 PopCon,, ARM, Installing, Etch, Success, Packages, DVDs, FOSDEM
2006/11/28 GNOME, DebConf, Installer, Etch, FAQ, Sparc, Key
2006/10/31 BLOBs, Events, Videos, I18n, Installer, Dunc-Tank, MPlayer, Firefox
2006/09/26 DVD CSS, Resolutions, Munich, Funding, DPL
2006/09/19 GNOME, Events, Hurd, Leading, Svn, Pg, Upgrade, Firmware, Discussion, Booting
2006/09/12 APT, Alioth, CD/DVD, Resolution, License, Packaging, Mini DebConf, Stable, Firefox
2006/09/05 Advertisements, Tcl/Tk, Compiling, Bug Squashing, Quoting, Archive
2006/08/29 Firmware, FrOSCon, Events, Cuba, Translations, GIT, Sarge, Etch
2006/08/22 Events, WNPP, Tools, Desktop, Publicity, Alioth, Kernel, Packaging, CC 3.0
2006/08/15 Packaging, Release, Python, Birthday, DPL Report, Installer
2006/08/08 SPI, Architectures, Times, Extremadura, Users, MiniDebconf, Lists
2006/08/01 Packaging, Responsibility, Xen, Branding, Secure APT, Exim, Documentation, Translations
2006/07/25 DzongkhaLinux, SSL, Documentation, Assets, PTS, Release, Installer, DVD/CD
2006/07/18 Break-In, Sarge CD, IRC, Swap, tar, Archive, Intel-Macs, Squid3, Packages
2006/07/11 debian-devel, hidden files, Bootsplash, Dependencies, Debian Conference
2006/07/04 Python, Spanish Planet, DWN, Debian Live, DPL, Flash, LSB
2006/06/27 Query Language, Packaging, Publicity, Bugs, Cuba, Modules, License
2006/06/20 Packaging, Community Conference, PDF, Mentors, Init, Orphans, Debian Day
2006/06/13 Carrier Grade Debian, GNOME, SuperMarket, System, Sailing, Interview, Packaging,
2006/06/06 Web of Trust, Woody, Publicity, DebConf, Install, IRC, Release, Menu, Desktop
2006/05/30 Desktop, IRC, Summer of Code, Booting, Solaris, FrOSCon, CCv3, BSP Parties, Release
2006/05/23 Installer, Java, DebConf6, Changelogs, Leader Report
2006/05/16 Installation, Multiarch, Updates, DPL, Security, GCC, Licenses, Packaging, Debconf
2006/05/09 Terminology, IRC, Release, BTS, Preseeding, Coding, Wiki, Karma
2006/05/02 PowerPC, Web Pages, Packaging, Device Mapper, Buildd, Installer
2006/04/25 Packaging, Google, Debian from Scratch, Upgrade, Bug Reports, Mozilla, DPL, AMD64
2006/04/18 DPL Election, experimental, Python, X11R7, NM Process, Revenue, Packaging, SPAM, AMD64
2006/04/11 Election, Internationalisation, General Resolution, Debian-Installer, su+sudo, Xen
2006/04/04 Documentation, Election, Voting, Licenses, Oracle, Videos, Upgrades
2006/03/28 Packaging, Events, Skolelinux, Bugs, Fonts, Installer, GCC
2006/03/21 AMD64, Installer, Expulsion, Interview, DPL Election, JBoss, Documentation
2006/03/14 QA, Backup, Kernel, Stable Updates, GFDL, DPL Role, Haskell
2006/03/07 Sub-Projects, BSD, CDD, Election, Backports, QA, Service, Logs
2006/02/28 GFDL, Mirror, DPL Election, AMD64, Polls, NMU, Python
2006/02/22 License, Etch, Device Driver, Debian Live, Maintenance
2006/02/14 Distributing, List Lookup, Trademark Policy, Wireless
2006/02/07 FLUG Award, DPL Nominations, Graphical Installer
2006/01/31 Debian Day, Packaging, Volunteers, /var/run, Keys, Launchpad
2006/01/24 GNOME, Installation, Kaffe, Forums, Copyright, GPLv3, Archive, Copies, Non-code
2006/01/17 m68k, Mirror Split, GPL, neglected Packages, Software Distribution, Maintenance
2006/01/10 Kernel, FOSDEM, Release, CTTE, Udev, AMD64, Upgrade, Packaging
2006/01/03 Archive, BitTorrent, FOSS.IN, Ports, VIM, Packaging, Quality, Licenses

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