Debian Hamradio Blend

Download Live Images

The Debian Hamradio Pure Blend produces Live DVD images that can be used to try out the Debian Hamradio Pure Blend on a computer without having to install it first. The images also contain an installer which can be used to install Debian along with the packages from the blend.

Debian Hamradio Blend Jessie Preview

A preview release of the Debian Hamradio Blend Live DVD is available for download. This is an unofficial release as the blend metapackages are not included in Debian Jessie.

The latest stable release is: 8.5.0.

For webboot images, checksums and GPG signatures, see the full file listing.

Debian Hamradio Blend Stretch

In the near future, live DVDs will be built for stretch (the current Debian testing distribution) although these are not currently available.

Getting Started

Using a DVD

Most modern operating systems will have provisions for burning ISO images to DVD media. The Debian CD FAQ provides instructions for burning ISO images using Linux, Windows and Mac OS. If you are having difficulty, using a web search engine should provide the answers you need.

Using a USB stick

The ISO images are built as hybrid images, so you can copy them directly to a USB stick without using any special software like unetbootin. On a Linux system, you can do this like so:

sudo dd if=/path/to/debian-hamradio-live-image.iso of=/dev/sdX

The output of the dmesg command should let you know the device name of the USB stick where you will need to change the X to the letter given.