State of Debian Jr.

January 1st, 2001

Well, just as a reminder to all who are not aware of what we're doing with Debian Jr. we are at:

Here's a brief summary of where Debian Jr. is today:

Since Woody's release is generally anticipated to occur sometime in the coming year, my New Year's resolution to release Debian Jr. in 2001 may seem wishy-washy. We are really quite at the mercy of the Woody release schedule for the release of Debian Jr. Nevertheless, with the new "testing" distribution, many people will be able to try out what we have done so far without resorting to installing "unstable" and therefore have quite usable systems for their children before the year 2001 is over, regardless of Woody's actual release date.

We are always looking for people to help contribute. There is plenty of work to do, and several jobs do not require the contributor to have Debian maintainer status. Please visit the web site and list archives, and if you are interested, join the list and drop us a note.