Project description

Debian-Lex is an internal project to develop Debian into an operating system that is particularly well fit for the requirements for legal offices. The goal of Debian-Lex is a complete system for all tasks in legal practice which is built completely on free software.

The general idea for this kind of project was adopted from the Debian Junior and Debian-Med projects, with the majority of the content of this Web site shamelessly pilfered from the latter.

Debian-Lex will contain a set of meta packages that declare dependencies on other Debian packages, and that way the complete system is prepared for solving particular tasks. We hope that there will soon be a framework for flavours of Debian on which Debian-Lex will be based.

We also envisage that Debian-Lex will add value to existing packages by providing customised templates for lawyers. For example, templates would be provided for, SQL-Ledger and a sample database schema for PostgreSQL.


[23 August 2005] Debian Lex is looking for a new co-ordinator.
[11 August 2003] Our CVS server is up with initial versions of Debian-Lex packages
[2 May 2003] Press: Aussie leads development of open source O-S for lawyers
[23 Apr 2003] Debian-Lex makes DWN!
[19 Apr 2003] Initial proposal to developers

Email List

The Debian-Lex mailing list is now available. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from it using the list web page, and also read the list archives.

Software projects to include

The first attempt to put the projects into categories might be not the best. Send any suggestions for improvements to the mailing list.

Project goals

Talks about Debian-Lex

We will add any talks about Debian-Lex here as source and preformatted slides. It might be a good idea to check these pages to get some interesting information about the project.

What can I do to help?

Marketing & PR

Once we have something to show for this project, and indeed even in the formative stages of this project, we are being watched by the eyes of the world. We will necessarily want to work with to get the word out and to help give Debian and this project the kind of exposure we want. For this purpose we will build a collection of slides of talks about Debian-Lex.