User menu introduced by med-common package

June 26th, 2002

Two new med-packages reached Incoming on ftp-master and will be available soon. They are provide by Andreas Tille in the hope that they will be carefully tested while he has vacations from 06/28 to 07/22/2002 to continue working on it after this time. He is hoping for opinions, suggestions, bug reports (preferably with fixes :-) ).

med-common - Debian Med Project common package

This package builds the basic infrastructure of all med-* packages.

It provides some files which are common to all med-* packages thus all med-* meta packages should depend on it. There were updated versions of all med-* packages on the way but they are delayed to let med-common make its way first into the archive.

The main purpose is to introduce a method to handle system users in a group med using debconf. The debconf stuff and the tools used are written with the intention that they can easily be adopted by other Debian Internal Projects like Debian-Junior. In fact it could possibly make sense to build a package internal-project-common which could contain most of the stuff which is currently in med-common. We should find a general solution here.

Please test this package carefully. Read the file /usr/share/doc/med-common/BUGS and try to find out more bugs or just fix some of them.

med-common-dev - Debian Med Project common development package

Practice has shown that each med-* metapackage has more or less a common set of files and a common set of commands in debian/rules. So why not providing a set of templates for the ease of further development of med-* meta packages and a script which can be used in debian/rules and do the necessary stuff there.