Debian Med news first half 2003

August 29th, 2003

The term "news" is not really appropriate for this summary of the activities around the Debian Med project. However, this is an overview about the last half year.
All preformatted slides and MagicPoint sources of the talks mentioned below are available online.

Talks at LinuxTag Chemnitz

Andreas Tille had two talks at LinuxTag on March 2 in Chemnitz about Debian Internal Projects and Debian Med. The interest in both talks was great and the subsequent discussion was very prolific.

Talk at EGovOS conference

On March 18 the power of the Debian Med network was proven: Andreas Tille was not able to take part in the EGovOS conference in Washington DC and thus Aaron Ucko held the talk about Debian Med in place of Andreas.

Talk at Libre Software Meeting

The idea of Debian Med was born in 2001 at the Libre Software Meeting in Bordeaux. This year this event took place in Metz. On July 9 Andreas Tille reported about the progress of the project in the last two years.

Talk at LinuxTag Karlsruhe

Two days later, on July 11, Andreas Tille held a talk at The Free Conference at LinuxTag in Karlsruhe. This talk was visited by more than 100 interested people. The subsequent discussion showed, that physicians as well as computer engineers could be addressed.

Paper about Debian Med

By now there exists a paper about Debian Med covering the topics of the current talk in more details. The SGML source as well as a Makefile for creation of different formats is also available.

Experimental GnuMed packages and Knoppix

Andreas Tille has started to build experimental packages of GnuMed. Currently no Packages file is provided which disables easy installation via apt-get. This is intentional because the packages are not yet ready for common use. The reason for providing the packages as they are, is to demonstrate how they might look in the future and how the single tools of the GnuMed suite will be split up between the packages.

Moreover these packages support the work of Sebastian Hilbert who built a Knoppix based live CD with GnuMed.

Debian Conference 3 in Oslo

During the Debian conference a group of developers agreed to rename "Debian Internal Projects" to "Customized Debian Distributions". This makes it more explicit that these projects aim to customize Debian for special user interests.