Debian-NP Bootable CD Released

November 29th, 2003

In preparation for the World Summit on the Information Society conference in Geneva, the Debian-NP project has completed work and a Bootable Debian Preview CD. The CD is the first released version of Debian-NP in any form.

The CD is a "Live CD" like the well known Knoppix. Users of this CD can try Debian-NP without installing it their hard drives. When users are comfortable with the software, they have the option of installing the CD to their hard drives. Debian-NP is built using code form Morphix — a derivative of Knoppix designed to be more modular. Morphix's primary author, Alex de Langraf, has been a long-time Debian-NP participant.

The first version of the CD — version 0.1 — released on November 28 contained a release critical bug that was fixed in version 0.1r2 released a day later on November 29th.

Designed for distribution on physical media, the CD cover will contain the following extra information:

To change the keyboard layout (and in some cases the language) Please enter the following at the boot prompt: "morphix lang=XX" where XX can be any of the following options: bg, be, ch, cn, cs, cz, da, de, dk, es, fi, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, ru, sk, tr, tw, uk, us

The 557 megabyte CD image is available for download at first link below.