Debian-NP at World Summit on the Information Society

December 13th, 2003

World Summit on the Information Society

With Debian-NP participants including Benjamin Mako Hill in attendance, Debian-Nonprofit had an important presence at the World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva, Switzerland between December 10th and 12th 2003 and the preceding week.

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) coordinated the production of 3,000 Debian-NP Bootable GNU/Linux Distributions. The production of the Debian-NP CDs was generously funded by Hewlett-Packard. LPI's numerous delegates handed out thousands of Debian-NP CDs to attendees of the conference from all over the world and from governments, civil society, and the private sector.

Additionally, Debian-NP participant Benjamin Mako Hill attended the WSIS as a delegate of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility primarily as a representative of Debian-NP. As a delegate, Hill had access to a wide array of civil society, NGO, nonprofit, and governmental groups and was able to discuss, present, and explain Debian-NP.

WSIS? We Seize! Counter/Co-Conference

Running concurrently with the WSIS was the WSIS? We Seize! conference organized by the Geneva03 collective. The conference catered to a diverse group of free software advocates and developers, intellectual property researchers and activists, independent and tactical media makers, technologists, members of small non-profit organizations, and others.

The conference hosted a CD release party for Debian-NP with a short talk and discussion period. Additionally, Benjamin Mako Hill gave a workshop on making Custom Bootable CDs using Morphix that described and presented the production of the Debian-NP bootable CD.