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Project status

Debian-NP fell dormant in 2005 and was officially discontinued as an active project in 2007 when the Debian-NP mailing list was deactivated. This page, and our mailing list archives, are maintained for historical reasons, but will not be updated in the future and are currently out of date. It is still our hope that Debian-NP, or a project with similar goals, is revived at some point in the future. If you are interested in helping with such an issue, please bring it up on the debian-devel mailing list.

Project description

Debian-NP is an internal Debian project to develop Debian into an operating system that is designed to fulfill the requirements of small non-profit organizations. The goal of Debian-NP is a complete system for all common tasks that non-profit organization need using 100% free software. We want to provide this functionality in an integrated and documented stable free desktop environment.

The name Debian-NP includes NP meaning "non-profit." We've considered the name Debian-NGO but "non-profit" was the best description of the community of not-for-profit, civil-society, worker-owned, cooperative, and activist groups that we think this distribution will benefit.

The general idea for this kind of project was adopted from the other Debian Custom Distributions that include, in no particular order Skolelinux build by the Debian-Edu project, Debian-Lex, Debian Junior, Debian-Med, Debian Desktop and DeMuDi/AGNULA.

Debian-NP aims to create one or more Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) designed to fit the needs of non-profits. Working within the Debian system, Debian-NP will select, highlight, and document a subset of packages within Debian. In addition to package selection, Debian-NP will customize packages in ways useful to non-profits — all while working completely within the Debian system.

Eventually, many participants aim to write new pieces of software, useful outside of Debian, to replace programs important to non-profits but currently unavailable as free software or on GNU/Linux systems (e.g., a good fund raising database).

Considering the diversity and the complexity of Non Profit organizations, we also aim to be a base for further customizations, and we are helping develop tools and documentation to allow non-profits to easily create their own Custom Debian Distribution tailored to their specific needs.


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Project goals

What can I do to help?

Email List

Debian has set up an email list for this group. You can subscribe to it from the mailing list subscription page and archives.


Debian-NP Wiki at DebianWiki - the center for the bulk of Debian-NP planning.

IRC Channel

We have a real-time discussion channel, #debian-np on Freenode IRC (


If you need support for Debian-NP, please see the Debian support page or contact the mailing list.

If you see potential overlap between your organization or project and Debian-NP, please don't hesitate to contact us at