Updating the package list and installing packages

At this point, you know enough about aptitude to actually make modifications to your system.

You should periodically update your list of available packages from the Debian servers, to keep track of new packages and new versions of packages. To do this, press u. At any time during the download, you can press q to abort it.

Once you have fresh lists of packages, you can choose the packages to upgrade, install, or remove as described in the previous section. To review the actions you have requested, press g once. When installing the kaffeine-mozilla package (from the previous example), the following screen appears:

[preview actions, installing kaffeine-mozilla]

As you can see, aptitude automatically decided to install kaffeine for me because kaffeine-mozilla requires it. At this point, I have the choice of either continuing with the installation by pressing g, or aborting it by pressing q.