Chapter 4. Credits


No-one remembers the singer. The song remains.

 -- Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero

This section commemorates some of the people who have contributed to aptitude over its lifetime.


This section is presently rather incomplete and will likely be updated and expanded as time goes on (in particular, there are many missing translation credits due to the huge number of sources of translations [21]). If you think you should be on this list, please email with an explanation of why you think so.

Translations and internationalization

Brazilian translation

Andre Luis Lopes, Gustavo Silva

Chinese translation

Carlos Z.F. Liu

Czech translation

Miroslav Kure

Danish translation

Morten Brix Pedersen, Morten Bo Johansen

Dutch translation

Luk Claes

Finnish translation

Jaakko Kangasharju

French translation

Martin Quinson, Jean-Luc Coulon

German translation

Sebastian Schaffert, Erich Schubert, Sebastian Kapfer, Jens Seidel

Italian translation

Danilo Piazzalunga

Japanese translation

Yasuo Eto, Noritada Kobayashi

Lithuanian translation

Darius ?itkevicius

Polish translation

Michal Politowski

Portuguese translation

Nuno Sénica, Miguel Figueiredo

Norwegian translation

Håvard Korsvoll

Spanish translation

Jordi Malloch, Ruben Porras

Swedish translation

Daniel Nylander

Initial i18n patch

Masato Taruishi

i18n triaging and maintainence

Christian Perrier


User's Manual

Daniel Burrows


Program design and implementation

Daniel Burrows

Support for the dpkg Breaks field

Ian Jackson, Michael Vogt

[21] It should be possible to compile a fairly complete list of i18n contributors based on the ChangeLog, its references to the Debian bug tracking system, and the revision history of aptitude, but doing so will require a large investment of time that is not currently available.