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--\ Installed Packages
  --\ admin - Administrative utilities (install software, manage users, etc)
    --\ main - The main Debian archive                                          
i     acpid                                                1.0.3-19   1.0.3-19
i     alien                                                8.44       8.44
i     anacron                                              2.3-9      2.3-9
i     apt-show-versions                                    0.07       0.07
i A   apt-utils                                            0.5.25     0.5.25
i     apt-watch                                            0.3.2-2    0.3.2-2
i     aptitude                                   

The Debian distribution consists of packages from the 'main' section. Every
package in 'main' is Free Software.

For more information about what Debian considers to be Free Software, see