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aptitude                  Will use 2925kB of disk space  DL Size: 1375kB
  --\ kde - The KDE Desktop System
    --\ main - The main Debian archive
p     bibletime-i18n                                        <none>     1.4.1-1
p     education-desktop-kde                                 <none>     0.771
p     junior-kde                                            <none>     1.4
piA   kaffeine                                      +2843kB <none>     0.4.3-1
pi    kaffeine-mozilla                              +81.9kB <none>     0.4.3-1
p     karamba                                               <none>     0.17-5
p     kde-devel                                             <none>     4:3.1.2   
p     kde-devel-extras                                      <none>     4:3.1.2
The K Desktop Environment (development files)
A metapackage containing dependencies for the core development suite of KDE
including kdesdk, qt3-designer, and all core KDE -dev packages.