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--\ Paquetes instalados               Modern computers support the Advanced  #
  --\ admin - Utilidades de adminstración
    --\ principal - The main Debian archive  (ACPI) to allow intelligent power
i   acpid         1.0.3-19   1.0.3-19   management on your system and to query
i   alien         8.44       8.44       battery and configuration status.
i   anacron       2.3-9      2.3-9
i   apt-show-vers 0.07       0.07       ACPID is a completely flexible, totally
i A apt-utils     0.5.25     0.5.25     extensible daemon for delivering ACPI
i   apt-watch     0.3.2-2    0.3.2-2    events. It listens on a file
i   aptitude (/proc/acpi/event) and when an event
i   at            3.1.8-11   3.1.8-11   occurs, executes programs to handle the
i   auto-apt      0.3.20     0.3.20     event. The programs it executes are
i   cron          3.0pl1-83  3.0pl1-83  configured through a set of
i   debconf       1.4.29     1.4.29     configuration files, which can be
i   debconf-i18n  1.4.29     1.4.29     dropped into place by packages or by
i A debootstrap   0.2.39     0.2.39     the admin.
i A deborphan     1.7.3      1.7.3
i   debtags       0.16       0.16       In order to use this package you need a
i A defoma        0.11.8     0.11.8     recent Kernel (=>2.4.7). This can be
i   discover      2.0.4-5    2.0.4-5    one including the patches on
Utilities for using ACPI power management