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13.7. Kerja Kolaborasi

13.7.1. Bekerja dalam Grup: groupware

Groupware tools tend to be relatively complex to maintain because they aggregate multiple tools and have requirements that are not always easy to reconcile in the context of an integrated distribution. Thus there is a long list of groupware packages that were once available in Debian but have been dropped for lack of maintainers or incompatibility with other (newer) software in Debian. This has been the case with PHPGroupware, eGroupware, and Kolab.
All is not lost though. Many of the features traditionally provided by “groupware” software are increasingly integrated into “standard” software. This is reducing the requirement for specific, specialized groupware software. On the other hand, this usually requires a specific server. Citadel (in the citadel-suite package), Sogo (in the sogo package) and Kopano (in the kopano-core package) are alternatives that are available in Debian Buster.

13.7.2. Kolaborasi dengan FusionForge

FusionForge adalah alat pengembangan kolaboratif dengan sebagian nenek moyang dalam SourceForge, suatu layanan hosting untuk proyek-proyek perangkat lunak bebas. Itu menempuh pendekatan secara keseluruhan yang sama berdasarkan model pengembangan standar untuk perangkat lunak bebas. Perangkat lunak itu sendiri terus berkembang setelah kode SourceForge menjadi proprietari. Penulis awal, VA Software, memutuskan untuk tidak merilis lagi versi-versi lebih bebas. Hal yang sama terjadi lagi ketika fork pertama (GForge) mengikuti jalan yang sama. Karena berbagai orang dan organisasi telah berpartisipasi dalam pengembangan, FusionForge saat ini juga mencakup fitur penargetan pendekatan yang lebih tradisional untuk pengembangan, maupun proyek-proyek yang tidak murni mementingkan pengembangan perangkat lunak.
FusionForge dapat dilihat sebagai amalgamasi dari beberapa alat yang didedikasikan untuk mengelola, melacak, dan mengkoordinasikan proyek. Alat-alat ini dapat dikelompokkan menjadi tiga keluarga:
  • communication: web forums, mailing-list manager, and announcement system allowing a project to publish news
  • tracking: tools to track project progress and schedule tasks, to track bugs, feature requests, or any other kind of “ticket”, and to run surveys
  • berbagi: manajer dokumentasi untuk menyediakan satu titik pusat bagi dokumen yang terkait dengan proyek, manajer rilis berkas generik, situs web khusus untuk setiap proyek.
Since FusionForge largely targets development projects, it also integrates many tools such as CVS, Subversion, Git, Bazaar, Darcs, Mercurial and Arch for source control management (also called “configuration management” or “version control”). These programs keep a history of all the revisions of all tracked files (often source code files), with all the changes they go through, and they can merge modifications when several developers work simultaneously on the same part of a project.
Most of these tools can be accessed or even managed through a web interface, with a fine-grained permission system, and email notifications for some events.
FusionForge is not part of Debian Stable. It is a large software stack that is hard to maintain properly and benefits only few users who are usually expert enough to be able to backport the package from Debian Unstable.