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1.4. پیگیری اخبار دبیان

همانطور که اشاره شد، پروژه دبیان به شیوه‌ای نامتمرکز و ارگانیک توسعه می‌یابد. به همین دلیل، گاهی وقت‌ها دشوار می‌شود که اخبار مرتبط با پروژه را دنبال کرد بدون آنکه سیل عظیمی از اطلاع‌رسانی‌ها را دریافت نکنیم.
اگر شما خواهان مهم‌ترین اخبار درباره دبیان هستید، به احتمال زیاد باید در لیست عضو شوید. این لیست، ترافیک بسیار پایینی دارد (در حدود چندین پیام در سال) و تنها مهم‌ترین اطلاع‌رسانی‌ها را ارائه می‌دهد، مانند موجود بودن یک نسخه جدید پایدار، انتخاب یک رهبر پروژه جدید یا کنفرانس‌های سالانه دبیان.
More general (and regular) news about Debian are sent to the list. The traffic on this list is quite reasonable too (usually around a handful of messages a month), and it includes the semi-regular “Debian Project News”, which is a compilation of various small bits of information about what happens in the project.
For more information about the evolution of Debian and what is happening at some point in time in various teams, there is also the list. As its name implies, the announcements it carries will probably be more interesting to developers, but it also allows interested parties to keep an eye on what happens in more concrete terms than just when a stable version is released. While gives news about the user-visible results, gives news about how these results are produced. As a side note, “d-d-a” (as it is sometimes referred to) is the only list that Debian developers must be subscribed to.
Debian's official blog ( is also a good source of information. It conveys most of the interesting news that are published on the various mailing lists that we already covered and other important news contributed by community members. Since all Debian developers can contribute these news when they think they have something noteworthy to make public, Debian's blog gives a valuable insight while staying rather focused on the project as a whole.
A more informal source of information can also be found on Planet Debian, which aggregates articles posted by Debian contributors on their respective blogs. While the contents do not deal exclusively with Debian development, they provide a view into what is happening in the community and what its members are up to.
The project is also well represented on social networks. Debian only has an official presence on (microblogging platform, powered by, but there are some accounts retransmitting the RSS feed from and many Debian contributors who are posting on non-official accounts.