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16.2. Debian的未来

除了这些内部的进展,得益于许多工具不断简化集成工作,我们也更有信心的预期未来更多新的基于 Debian 的发行版出现。新的专门子项目也将启动,以拓宽 Debian 的能力,使其触及新的领域。
Debian 的用户社区将会增长,新的贡献者也会加入到 Debian 项目中……或许,下一个,就是你!
There are recurring discussions about how the software ecosystem is evolving, towards applications shipped within containers, where Debian packages have no added value, or with language-specific package managers (e.g. pip for Python, npm for JavaScript, etc.), which are rendering dpkg and apt obsolete. Facing those threats, I am convinced that Debian developers will find ways to embrace those changes and to continue to provide value to users.
尽管 Debian 发展了很多年,规模也已可观,但是 Debian 依然在向各种方向发展(有时候也会向你意想不到的方向)。Debian 的贡献者们都很有想法,他们通过开发邮件列表来讨论,甚至他们看起来像是在吵架,但正是这些给 Debian 提供了持续的动力。Debian 有时候可以比作是一个黑洞,如此的有吸引力,以至于任何新的自由软件项目都可以吸纳进来。
Beyond the apparent satisfaction of most Debian users, a deep trend is becoming more and more indisputable: people (and companies!) are increasingly realizing that collaborating, rather than working alone in their corner, leads to better results for everyone. The number of commercial companies relying on Debian is larger every year.