Chapter 7. Debian Universal Packet Network


The services described in this chapter are available only to licensed radio amateurs. You may be committing a criminal offence if you access these services without a license. If in doubt, please contact the Debian Hamradio users mailing list before attempting access.

The Debian Hamradio Maintainers team provides a number of amateur packet services available via the Internet.

7.1. convers

A convers server is running at This is accessiable via TCP port 3600 using the convers protocol and also the IRC protocol on the same port.

7.1.1. Connecting with telnet

To connect using the convers protocol, you can simply run:

$ telnet 3600

If your connection is successful, you can then login with your amateur callsign (/name C1ALL) and your APRS-IS passcode:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
* Debian Hamradio Convers Server
* ==============================
* Access is restricted to only licensed radio amateurs. If you're
* not a licensed radio amateur please disconnect now.
/name C1ALL
Enter your password (or type /auth [sys|md5|plain]):
ppconversd @ debian Ping-Pong conversd saupp-1.62a
* Type /HELP for help.
* Enjoy the convers. Type /version to see where comments go to.
* Set your /personal text if you haven't already done so. /? gives help.
*** There are 2 users on 2 channels online.
*** Will try local default channel 1.
*** (21:11) You are now talking to channel 1. There are 2 users.


If your APRS-IS passcode is not accepted, try prefixing a zero to ensure it is a total of 5 characters.

Now that you are logged in, you have the oppertunity to change your password. Do not use a password that you use for anything else, as it may be transmitted over the amateur service where encryption is not allowed and so may be intercepted.

7.1.2. Connecting with IRC

If you would like to connect to the convers server using an IRC client, this is easily achieved. Here will be described the connection commands for irssi and weechat, two popular IRC clients in Debian. In these examples, C1ALL should be replaced with your amateur callsign and 12345 should be replaced with your APRS-IS passcode, with prefixed zeros if necessary to bring it to five characters in length.

In order to connect with irssi:

$ irssi -n C1ALL
[(status)] /connect 3600 12345

In order to connect with weechat:

/connect irc://

The convers server will automatically detect that you are using an IRC client and not connecting via telnet and will switch protocol automatically.