1. Introduction

The Debian Hamradio Maintainers team collaborates on maintenance of amateur-radio related packages for Debian. Team members may also maintain radio-related packages independently using the team’s infrastructure; there is no obligation to share all radio-related package development.

Anyone is welcome to join; please contact the mailing list. New team members may help with the existing packages or create new packages as they wish. You do not need to be a Debian Maintainer or Debian Developer in order to contribute to packages. See below for more information on getting involved.

1.1. Joining the team as a packager

To join the team you should join our mailing list at a bare minimum. In order to use our Git repositories, you will need an Alioth account and this is very much encouraged. If possible, you are also encouraged to join our IRC channel.

To join the mailing list, visit the subscription page and enter your email address to subscribe. You will have to reply to an email in order to confirm your subscription.

To sign up for an Salsa account, visit the Salsa registration page and register. You can then visit the project page for the Hamradio Maintainers team and request to be added to the team.

Our IRC channel is #debian-hams on irc.debian.org.

The following should be considered essential reading for anyone wishing to participate in packaging within the team:

1.2. Assisting the team with translations

If you speak a language other than English, you can contribute right away with translations of package descriptions at the Debian Description Translation Project.