4. QA Tools

A number of QA tools are available to the team to help track our packages. You can also use most of these tools to track the packages that you are an uploader on.

4.1. Debian Developer’s Package Overview

Debian Developer’s Package Overview (DDPO) is a web application offering a customizable overview of all packages of a given maintainer.

4.2. Debian Maintainer Dashboard

The maintainer dashboard exposes information about teams or maintainers’ packages. It intends to help answering the question “I have a few hours for Debian, what should I do now?”

4.3. Debian Package Tracker

The Debian Package Tracker service is a collection of scripts that gather information about the team’s packages. It allows you to see a bird’s eye view the health of many packages, instantly realizing where work is needed. It also allows you view the details of an invidual package, including links to open bugs, the version in different Debian releases, news about recent uploads, links to buildd logs, the packaging repo, and more.

4.4. Lintian

Lintian dissects Debian packages and tries to find bugs and policy violations. It contains automated checks for many aspects of Debian policy as well as some checks for common errors.