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1.3. 组织信息与反馈

这是手册的正式部分. 此时,我(Alexander Reelsen)撰写了本手册的主要部分, 但是就我看来不应该停滞于此. 自由软件伴随我成长与生活, 它是我日常使用的一部分,我猜您也如此. 任何人都可以将其反馈, 附加提示或任何其它建议寄发给我.
If you think, you can maintain a certain section or paragraph better, then write to the document maintainer and you are welcome to do it. Especially if you find a section marked as FIXME, that means the authors did not have the time yet or the needed knowledge about the topic. Drop them a mail immediately.
本手册的主题清楚的表明及时更新相当重要, 如果您可以做到. 请贡献.