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3.7. 阅读 Debian 的安全邮件列表

浏览一下 debian 安全公告的邮件列表, 此处 Debian 安全小组发布对已发行软件包的公告和修正, 或发邮件给, 您可以参与 Debian 安全相关问题的讨论, 并不属于浪费时间.
In order to receive important security update alerts, send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject line. You can also subscribe to this moderated email list via the web page at
This mailing list has very low volume, and by subscribing to it you will be immediately alerted of security updates for the Debian distribution. This allows you to quickly download new packages with security bug fixes, which is very important in maintaining a secure system (see 第 4.2 节 “进行安全更新” for details on how to do this).