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2.2. Be aware of general security problems

The following manual does not (usually) go into the details on why some issues are considered security risks. However, you might want to have a better background regarding general UNIX and (specific) Linux security. Take some time to read over security related documents in order to make informed decisions when you are encountered with different choices. Debian GNU/Linux is based on the Linux kernel, so much of the information regarding Linux, as well as from other distributions and general UNIX security also apply to it (even if the tools used, or the programs available, differ).
Some useful documents include:
In any case, there is more information regarding the services explained here (NFS, NIS, SMB...) in many of the HOWTOs of the Some of these documents speak on the security side of a given service, so be sure to take a look there too.
The HOWTO documents from the Linux Documentation Project are available in Debian GNU/Linux through the installation of the doc-linux-text (text version) or doc-linux-html (HTML version). After installation these documents will be available at the /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt and /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-html directories, respectively.
Other recommended Linux books:
Other books (which might be related to general issues regarding UNIX and security and not Linux specific):
Some useful web sites to keep up to date regarding security:

[1] At a given time it was superseded by the "Linux Security Knowledge Base". This documentation is also provided in Debian through the lskb package. Now it's back as the Lasg again.