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2.2. 应当知道的一般性安全问题

下边在为什么一些内容了涉及安全问题上(通常)将不做细节性探讨. 因此, 你最好有 UNIX 和(特别是) linux 安全知识背景, 您遇到不同选择的时候, 花点时间阅读一些安全文档是个明智的决定. Debian GNU/Linux 是基于 linux 内核的, 因此很多有关 Linux 的信息, 以及其它发行版和一般性 Unix 安全同样也适用于它(即使使用工具或程序有所不同).
In any case, there is more information regarding the services explained here (NFS, NIS, SMB...) in many of the HOWTOs of the Some of these documents speak on the security side of a given service, so be sure to take a look there too.
The HOWTO documents from the Linux Documentation Project are available in Debian GNU/Linux through the installation of the doc-linux-text (text version) or doc-linux-html (HTML version). After installation these documents will be available at the /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt and /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-html directories, respectively.
其它一些图书 (与一般性 UNIX 安全问题相关,而不是针对 Linux):
Some useful web sites to keep up to date regarding security:

[1] At a given time it was superseded by the "Linux Security Knowledge Base". This documentation is also provided in Debian through the lskb package. Now it's back as the Lasg again.