Debian Perl Policy

Raphaël Hertzog

Brendan O'Dea

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This document describes the packaging of Perl within the Debian distribution and the policy requirements for packaged Perl programs and modules.

Table of Contents

1. About this document
2. Perl Packaging
2.1. Versions
2.2. Base Package
2.3. Module Path
2.4. Documentation
3. Locally Installed Modules
3.1. Site Directories
3.2. Site Installation
4. Packaged Modules
4.1. Vendor Directories
4.2. Module Package Names
4.3. Vendor Installation
4.4. Module Dependencies
4.4.1. Architecture-Independent Modules
4.4.2. Binary and Other Architecture Dependent Modules
4.4.3. Automating Perl Dependencies
5. Perl Programs
5.1. Script Magic
5.2. Program Dependencies
6. Programs Embedding Perl
6.1. Building Embedded Programs
6.2. Embedded Perl Dependencies
6.3. Perl Package Upgrades
A. Perl 6

List of Tables

4.1. Module to package mappings