Debian Conference 1

When: July 2nd - 5th
Where: Bordeaux, France
More Info:

LSM, the Libre Software Meeting, is not another Linux event: it gathers libre (free) projects and developers and allows organizations distributed around the globe to have the maximum amount of members (or advanced users) once a year all in one place, at the same time. They can spend five days together to improve libre software via discussions, speeches or coding parties. The LSM is a place where free organizations or "enterprises" ordinarily living through Internet are made physical realities.

The public, private individuals, societies or public institutions is, of course, invited to discover libre software by meeting the attendees.

Debian Involvement

Like in 2000, the second edition of the Debian Conference - the Debian Conference 1 - will be held during the LSM, taking benefit from the infrastructures of the meeting.

The event will start with the "Speech from the Throne", Ian Murdock and Bruce Perens being our guests of honour. For the first time we will be able to present the human form of a maximum amount of Debian email addresses!

The Debian Conference is made for and by Debian: it is up to the Debianers to define the subjects, the priorities. And it is the role of the organizer to give the opportunities.

Main Coordinator: Thierry Laronde

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