CompuVenta 2001 Mexico

When: July 6th - 8th
Where: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
More Info:

The CompuVenta is a national exhibition and conference in Jalisco, Mexico.

Debian Involvement

Debian will be presented on some architectures at a booth and a speech by Thomas Bliesener will give an introduction to the Debian project. Here's the abstract:

In the past years a quiet revolution occurred in the world of software, which attracts the attention now also in Mexico.

The speech gives an introduction to the free software movement, its history and philosophy. It describes, what characterizes Free Software, by which licenses it is protected and how you can get Free Software.

In the second part of the speech the fascinating international Debian project is presented, which arranges the free distribution of same name. In the end there will be time for questions and a discussion over the future of Free Software and how the country can profit from it.

Main Coordinator: Thomas Bliesener