Libre Software Meeting

When: July 9th - 12th
Where: Metz, France
More Info:

The goal of the Libre Software Meeting is to set up a single place where as many people as possible will be able to share information and join their energy towards large scale projects. It is open to everybody willing to contribute to Free Software: project leaders, developers, translators, advanced users, etc. This event is organised non-commercially by volunteers. Participation is free in every meaning of the word.

Debian Involvement

The Debian project is not officially attending this conference, but several project members will probably attend, some of them are going to LinuxTag afterwards. Andreas Tille will give a talk discussing whether Open Source Software can meet the requirements of the health equity for the global community. Martin Michlmayr will also deliver a talk about tracking inactive maintainers in Debian.

Main Coordinator: nobody

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