Linux User & Developer Expo 2004 -- Report

Debian recently attended (20th and 21st April) the Debian at Linux User and Developer Expo (LUDEX) show in the London Olympia hall. Debian was represented by several UK developers who ran the stand on both days, special mention should be made of Steve McIntyre who did most of the co-ordination and organisation.

The stand was well setup and arranged and we presented a very professional appearance to the public. The stand space was part of the .org village sponsored by There were the usual T shirts and polo shirts on sale as well as Debian in numerous flavours, the less common discs could be cut to order as Steve had production facility's on the stand.

Alongside the main Debian stand was the emDebian group showing embedded uses of Debian this group had a wide selection of devices and attracted a lot of attention in their own right.

On the evening of the first days exhibiting also held a party which was well attended by almost all of the .org village. Our newly reelected leader was asked to give a short speech in which he discussed the issue of software patents and outlined the imminent release schedule for Debian sarge release.

The event was somewhat less busy than the previous expo at olympia but there were still enough people to make it worthwhile.

Vincent Sanders