When: February 22nd - 25th
Where: Mexico City, Mexico
More Info:

CONSOL is one of Mexico's two Free Software conferences, and has been held since 2002. This conference aims at making the community better, not bigger, and has been community-driven since it was originally conceived. It has grown from a completely home brewn 200-people conference to over 700 attendees from all over Mexico, even with interested people from other Latin American countries, and guest speakers from all over the world.

Debian Involvement

Debianmexico will be present with a booth in the exhibition area. Several Debian developers will be present, to answer all kinds of questions, demonstrate different things or happily sign one's gpg-key. Steve Langasek will deliver a talk about "the QA crisis in Free Software" and David Moreno will deliver talks about "Creating packages for Debian" and "How to help the Debian project".

Main Coordinator: Gunnar Wolf

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