UKUUG Linux 2005

When: August 4th - 7th
Where: Swansea, Wales
More Info:

The annual UKUUG Linux Technical Conference is a gathering of a wide cross-section of the Linux community. This low-cost event is for anyone with a serious interest in Linux including systems administrators, Linux professionals, developers and enthusiasts from companies and Linux user groups throughout the UK and beyond. Its main target is to broaden your knowledge and keep up-to-date with what's happening in the world of Linux.

Debian Involvement

There will be three talks concerning Debian: Philip Hands will deliver a talk about preseeding of the debian-installer for automatic installation, Thomas Lange will talk about FAI, the fully automated installation, and Steve McIntyre will give a talk about jigdo on spreading the load of CD and DVD downloads.

Main Coordinator: Steven Whitehouse

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