Berlinux 2005 -- Report

This year's Berlinux exhibition and conference took place on the 21st and 22nd of October. Debian was represented with a booth and several non-Debian-specific talks by members of the Debian Project. On the first day most of the visitors seemed to be students from University in which the event took place.

The Social Event was quite nice, cheap drinks, delicious food, lots of people ... everything that makes a nice evening. There was a lot of "trans-project talk". A planetpenguin-racer tournament had also been planned, but that had to be canceled due to technical problems.

The exhibition on Saturday started rather early (9:00 am). It took place in the halls of the Technical University of Berlin, which has rather broad corridors, so there was enough space to set up movable walls and tables at both sides and still leave enough space for people to walk by. The Debian booth's biggest attraction certainly was Frank Ronneburg's Debian controlled model railway, apart from that we had a Nokia 770 (Thanks Wolfgang, you are one brave man!) and the usual stuff, lanyards, posters and several people's laptops for demonstrations.

Unfortunately there were some problems with the Berlinux organisation so the planned Berlinux CDs weren't available and attendance was also rather low, many of the people walking by were uni students on their way to other events. The talks managed to attract a higher number of people, as far as I know most speakers were quite pleased by their attendance numbers. They made up for those of us who aren't from Berlin but had to travel there, since only going there to man the booth probably wouldn't have been worth the effort.

Meike Reichle