Debconf-ES II 2005

When: December 16th - 18th
Where: Guadalajara, Spain
More Info:

The Debian-Spain association will organize the second conference of Debian developers in Spain, which will take place at Guadalajara. The conference's goal is to get together users of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, developers members of the Debian project and of Debian derived distributions and have them work together in the development of programs which are part of the distribution, bug fixing, system integration and translation of applications.

Debian Involvement

The Debian project is represented through the Debian developers attending the conference, most of which are already members of the Debian-Spain association. The Debian developers present in the conference will organise talks on different subjects as well as lead work teams that will work through the conference days in several areas were Debian can improve.

Main Coordinator: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino