Free and Open Source Software Conference -- Report

The Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) is a community and end-user oriented event in Germany that is organised with a much love. It consists of an exhibition and a conference program together with developer rooms used for sub-conferences by various projects.

We have shared the Debian booth with the well known FAI project. All boths consisted of one or two tables and were already prepared with network and power supplies so they could be set up in time on Saturday, the first conference day.

We've used a large display for demonstration since the booth was not large enough for using the video projector. The size was fine, nevertheless. We were able to sit behind the booth when no visitors were around and were able to demonstrate things when people rushed by after the talks ended.

Many visitors knew Debian already and were awaiting the new release. Several people asked very detailed questions that we answered and demonstrated on the demo machine.

FrOSCon is a nice place to stay in touch with other projects and to meet developers of other projects so problems and development could be discussed face-to-face. The neighbour booths were used by grml and sidux on one side and by GUUG on the other side. We've had good discussions with people from those.

Several people spoke with us about the unfortunate OpenSSL problem earlier this year. Interestingly, nobody was angry about it and many people expressed their respect for the Debian project's handling of the problem.

Joey Schulze