Debian Conference

When: July 23rd - 30th
Where: Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain
More Info:

DebConf is a conference with, by and for Debian Developers, Maintainers and Contributors. Non-developers are quite welcome to attend as well, but are not the conference's primary audience.

A work camp will be organised in the week before the conference. This is a chance for developers to work together face to face in groups and teams.

Debian Involvement

Presentations about Debian technologies and the Debian project itself are welcome as well as upcoming and interesting items like the survival of dropped architectures.

The organization team kindly asks all interested people to register as soon as possible as attendees, so they can estimate costs and needs early enough.

On the 24th of July will be a special DebConf Open Day for decision makers and for ordinary people who want to learn more about Debian and about Free Software. It will be filled with presentations on topics of general interest.

Main Coordinator: DebConf Orga Team

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