International Conference on Open Source 2009

When: September 25th - 27th
Where: Taipei City, Taiwan
More Info:

The annual International Conference on Open Source (ICOS) in Taiwan is organized by the Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT). Its aim is to bring together international FLOSS projects and developers, so that they can share experience, introduce projects and get in touch with local developers and users.

The conference will span three days (25th-27th of September) and will be hosted in Taipei City, Taiwan.

The main participants this year include Android x86, BlackOn, Debian, Drupal, Elecmos Universal, GELI, Joomla, LinuxPilot, LXDE, Moblin, Novell, OneVillage, OpenPLM, OpenSolaris, OSSAC, PhET, Plone, Sahana, Skolelinux, SLAT, SPI, Steps Software Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc., Toby Churchill Ltd, XMind and xPUD.

Debian Involvement

The SLAT is featuring a mini-DebConf during ICOS 2009, on Saturday and Sunday, 26th-27th September. This is the Debian project's first mini-DebConf in Taiwan. See details on the event organization page.

Main Coordinator: Andrew Lee (李健秋)

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