Running a booth

The most important task for project members to represent the Debian project on an exhibition is to run a booth for Debian. This is quite easy since it is sufficient for a very simple booth to hook up a machine running a Debian GNU system (either Linux, Hurd or *BSD will fit) and somebody explaining how it works and answering questions. It is, however, recommended that at least two people staff the booth and that you use posters and flyers along with some more machines.

Trade shows and conferences often provide a place where a couple of developers can meet, even if they are located far away from the main conference or exhibition. Often foreign developers are invited to give a talk, so even these people can be met there. Additionally it has always been fun going to a pub with other developers and just talk about improving Linux' inode cache or dpkg's dependency resolution.

For many events, people have created additional web pages and mailing lists to help them plan and run the Debian presence. Please check the links to “coordination” on our pages for upcoming and past events to get an idea about this. Please also read our checklist.

Mailing Lists

The Debian project provides mailing lists for coordinating Debian's involvement at various events:

To subscribe to either of these lists, check out our subscription page.