Debian Security Advisory

DLA-352-1 libcommons-collections3-java -- LTS security update

Date Reported:
26 Nov 2015
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
No other external database security references currently available.
More information:

The Apache commons collection suffered from security issues, making applications to accept serialized objects from untrusted sources. Remote attackers might take advantage of these issues to execute arbitrary Java functions and even inject manipulated bytecode.

This release of libcommons-collection3-java prevents these issues by disabling the deserialization of the functors classes, unless the system property org.apache.commons.collections.enableUnsafeSerialization is set to true. Classes considered unsafe are: CloneTransformer, ForClosure, InstantiateFactory, InstantiateTransformer, InvokerTransformer, PrototypeCloneFactory, PrototypeSerializationFactory and WhileClosure.

For Debian 6 Squeeze, these problems have been fixed in libcommons-collections3-java version 3.2.1-4+deb6u1. We recommend you to upgrade your libcommons-collections3-java packages.