Debian mirrors

Debian is distributed all around the world using mirrors in order to provide users with better access to our archive.

The following Debian archives are mirrored:

Debian packages (debian/)
The Debian package pool -- this includes the vast majority of .deb packages, the installation materials and the sources.
See the list of Debian mirrors that include the debian/ archive.
CD images (debian-cd/)
The repository of CD images: Jigdo files and ISO image files.
See the list of Debian mirrors that include the debian-cd/ archive.
Old releases (debian-archive/)
The archive of old released versions of Debian.
See Distribution Archives for more information.

Information for mirror owners

Debian mirrors are maintained by volunteers, so if there are no good mirrors near you and you are in a position to donate disk space and connectivity, consider creating a mirror and contribute to making Debian more accessible. See the pages on setting up a mirror of the Debian archive for more information about mirroring.