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This porting effort has long been abandoned. It has had no updates since october 2002. The information in this page is only for historical purposes.

Debian GNU/NetBSD

Debian GNU/NetBSD is a port of the Debian Operating System to the NetBSD kernel and libc (not to be confused with the other Debian BSD ports based on glibc). It is currently in an early stage of development - however, it can now be installed from scratch.

Why Debian GNU/NetBSD?

How to install

Download the floppy images from the above link. For laptops, use the laptop images - for all other machines, use the normal ones. Write these images to floppies. Boot off the first disk - you will be prompted to swap disks. Once the menu system has appeared, follow the instructions that you are presented with.


Packages that need to be produced


There is a Debian GNU/*BSD mailing list. Send email to debian-bsd-request@lists.debian.org with subscribe as the subject in order to join. Archives are available at https://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/.

To contact the Debian GNU/NetBSD team, send email to debian-bsd@lists.debian.org. Comments, questions, or suggestions regarding our section of Debian's website are also welcome at that address.