4.2. Downloading Files from Debian Mirrors

To find the nearest (and thus probably the fastest) mirror, see the list of Debian mirrors.

When downloading files from a Debian mirror, be sure to download the files in binary mode, not text or automatic mode.

4.2.1. Where to Find Installation Images

The installation images are located on each Debian mirror in the directory debian/dists/etch/main/installer-arm/current/images/ — the MANIFEST lists each image and its purpose. RiscPC Installation Files

The RiscPC installer is booted initially from RISC OS. All the necessary files are provided in one Zip archive, .../current/riscpc/dinstall.zip. Download this file onto the RISC OS machine, copy the linloader.!Boot components into place, and run !dInstall. Netwinder Installation Files

The easiest way to boot a Netwinder is over the network, using the supplied TFTP image .../images/netwinder/netboot/boot.img . CATS Installation Files

CATS can be booted either via the network or from CD-ROM. The kernel and initrd can be obtained from .../images/netwinder/netboot/ . NSLU2 Installation Files

A firmware image is provided for the Linksys NSLU2 which will automatically boot debian-installer. This firmware image can be obtained from .../images/nslug2/netboot/di-nslu2.bin .