5.1. Booting the Installer on Mips

5.1.1. Booting with TFTP SGI TFTP Booting

After entering the command monitor use


on SGI machines to boot linux and to begin installation of the Debian Software. In order to make this work you may have to unset the netaddr environment variable. Type

unsetenv netaddr

in the command monitor to do this. Broadcom BCM91250A and BCM91480B TFTP Booting

On the Broadcom BCM91250A and BCM91480B evaluation boards, you have to load the SiByl boot loader via TFTP which will then load and start the Debian installer. In most cases, you will first obtain an IP address via DHCP but it is also possible to configure a static address. In order to use DHCP, you can enter the following command on the CFE prompt:

ifconfig eth0 -auto

Once you have obtained an IP address, you can load SiByl with the following command:


You need to substitute the IP address listed in this example with either the name or the IP address of your TFTP server. Once you issue this command, the installer will be loaded automatically.

5.1.2. Boot Parameters SGI TFTP Booting

On SGI machines you can append boot parameters to the bootp(): command in the command monitor.

Following the bootp(): command you can give the path and name of the file to boot if you did not give an explicit name via your bootp/dhcp server. Example:


Further kernel parameters can be passed via append:

bootp(): append="root=/dev/sda1" Broadcom BCM91250A and BCM91480B TFTP Booting

You cannot pass any boot parameters directly from the CFE prompt. Instead, you have to edit the /boot/sibyl.conf file on the TFTP server and add your parameters to the extra_args variable.