Chapter 5. Booting the Installation System

Table of Contents

5.1. Booting the Installer on Intel x86
5.1.1. Booting from a CD-ROM
5.1.2. Booting from Linux Using LILO or GRUB
5.1.3. Booting from USB Memory Stick
5.1.4. Booting from Floppies
5.1.5. Booting with TFTP
5.1.6. The Boot Prompt
5.2. Boot Parameters
5.2.1. Debian Installer Parameters
5.3. Troubleshooting the Installation Process
5.3.1. Floppy Disk Reliability
5.3.2. Boot Configuration
5.3.3. Common Intel x86 Installation Problems
5.3.4. Interpreting the Kernel Startup Messages
5.3.5. Bug Reporter
5.3.6. Submitting Installation Reports